Plan of School Campus


Each building is assigned a letter, which shows where a room is. The first number in a room name is usually the floor number. The remaining numbers mean which room is it exactly.
For example, T102 is Aristote, first floor, room 02.

Note: Because of security reasons we can't show publicly the names of buildings on the map. To see a more detailed map, please look at the back of the front cover of your agenda.

Buildings and their letters:

  • Aristote - T
  • Breughel - B
  • Da Vinci - SC. Here instead of a floor number, a letter indicating the subject taught on this floor is used. So, the basement is SN, ground level is SCB (biology), first floor is SCP (physics), second floor is SCC (chemistry).
  • Erasmus - S
  • Fabiola - F
  • Gutenberg - G
  • Michelangelo - no specific letter, ART or MUS + room number
  • Platon - R
  • Villa - V

Aristote (Secondary building). Human sciences classes (history, geography) take place here.

Breughel (Secondary building) Mathematics classes take place here. There is also an ICT class. Breughel is just next to the Michelangelo building, the two are linked from the inside.

Important places:

  • Étude - the study room for s1-3. During free periods (excluding lunchtime) students from s1-3 are expected to go there. It is placed on the ground floor of the building.
  • Infirmerie (infirmary). Placed on the ground floor. For emergency cases, there is a system of local phones placed in the corridors of each school building (placed in boxes on the walls). To contact directly the infirmerie, dial 634 or 635.

Château (Administration building)

Da Vinci (Secondary building). Science classes take place here. Da Vinci has a specific system of distribution of subjects, which is represented in the floor names (letter before room number) - biology is on the ground floor (B), physics on the first (P) and chemistry on the second floor (C). This might be different for lower classes, but is generally true for s4-s7. The basement rooms are named SN, for example SN1. To get to the basement, use the entrance with the automatic door.

Important places:

  • Da Vinci lockers (basement)

Erasmus (Primary building)

Fabiola (Primary/kindergarten building)

Gutenberg (Primary building)

Gym - the primary gym hall is placed next to the Erasmus building. The secondary gym is divided into five gym rooms, named GYM1 to GYM5. GYM1 is placed in the Van houtte building, it can be accessed from between the secondary gym and the Van Houtte. GYM2 to GYM5 are placed in the GYM building - 2 and 3 in the upper part, 4 and 5 in the lower part.

Michelangelo (Secondary building). The arts and musics building. Linked from the inside with the Breughel building.

Important places:

  • Salle polyvalente (upper part of the building))

Platon (Secondary building). Language classes and some human sciences classes are held here. Note that two main entrances are at two different levels of the building (the lowest floor and the 1st floor).

Important places:

  • ICT Rooms + Fablab (Platon basement)
  • Library, s1-3 (1st floor, corridor next to lockers) and s4-7 (lowest floor)
  • Vie scolaire, assistant deputy director's office (2nd floor)
  • S1,2,3 cafeteria (lowest floor)
  • Upper Platon lockers
  • Lower Platon lockers (moved from Breughel main hall)

Pre Vert - APEEE services

Van Houtte (the cantine/canteen building)

Important places:

  • Cantine/canteen
  • S4-7 cafeteria

Villa (Secondary administration building)

Important places:

  • Psychologist's office (top floor, the psychologist is available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
  • Ratrapage lessons